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The Sun shattered.

Many ages ago, the Sun was whole and sustained us and our world. Our days were serene, everything followed the clockwork motion of the Sun across the sky, and man reaped the benefits of its nurturing nature. Man became quite comfortable with the world, mastering a lifestyle that could only exist by the grace of the Sun and all the gifts bestowed upon us by its Light.

In due time though, the Sun would become much less constant, it was in fact much less perpetual then we initially thought. Starting with a surreal crack and ending with the most terrifying roar one could imagine, the Sun violently unraveled in the eyes of the people. Emerging from the explosion was the most brilliant creature ever gazed upon – the mighty Phoenix of countless legends. It awakened from what happened to be its egg, our Sun, sprawling forth its flaming wings with an awe-inspiring splendor. But the magnificence would soon turn into despair as the Phoenix did not herald the rebirth of the world as in the people’s tales.

Instead, the Phoenix had abandoned it.

The shimmering Light faded soon after the Phoenix’s departure beyond the sight of the people. In the blast’s wake approached a cloud of golden daggers, thrown to the discarded world without remorse. As the Shards struck the world beneath the former Sun, the worst calamity in history came to pass. Entire civilizations burned to mere ash. The environment was irreversibly ravaged by the fires. In an instant, the world’s climate mutated dramatically. Everything the people under the Cerulean Heavens once knew vanished in a torrent of flame and destruction. In due time the fires died to a smolder. The world was set not in the burning light of a crimson inferno, but in a speckled sky of lavender as the Shards which didn’t strike the world or fly into the inky abyss floated in the skies above. Dots of the Sun’s former Light drifted through the darkened sky in all directions, perhaps lighting the way for the next chapter of the people, of the world.

For the Phoenix, Birth gives way to Death, which then gives way to Rebirth. When will the world be Reborn?

Main Page

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