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The Known World of Eriond

Mierodran | Dwinovar | Anguliad

Ulin | Avenon | Lothgar

Ishbar | Tahsamar | Valna

Tarn | Rann | Karthador | Veskar


T.smallhe empire of Mierodran was once hailed as the gem of the frosty northern reaches. Yet wilderness has now reclaimed vast stretches of of this once rich and thriving Dwarven civilization. All that remains of Mierodran’s former glory is the city of Igladan, the last great Dwarf haven. These days the great northern expanse is broken only be a handful of smaller human, gnomish and elven nations who vigilantly strive to preserve civilization in the north.


P. smallalaces and Cathedrals abound in equal measure in this land ruled jointly by the Monarchy and the Magisteriam. Dwinovar is easily the most religiously devout nation among the eastern lands. The nation is composed of several confederated kingdoms all united by their common allegiance to the High King of Ilowan, and to the Magesterial Order. A centuries long war has taken place between the Kingdoms of Dwinovar and the Thyrn Cultist nations to the West.


A. smallnguliad is considered one of the last great marvels remaining from the ancient world. The elves that dwell upon the Netovian Heights and abide within the forests of the mountainside are craftsman without equal in all things beautiful. The elves are governed by a magocracy known as the Council of Twelve. Though small and relatively few in number, Anguliad is the only nation of the eastern lands never to have been conquered.


U. smalllin is an island republic comprised by several city states. These cities were once a part of the Avenian Empire until they were conquered by Ishbar. Under Ishbar’s despotic rule, the cities became a haven for pirates. Ulin later won independence from Ishabar with the help of a mage named Genorcon, who established a magocracy over the islands. Ulin grew in prominence until the defeat of Genocron in the Demonspawn Wars. Today the cities are a major hub for trade.


A. smallvenon is the most ancient of the Eastern lands. In the Golden age the land was home to Torvalad, one of the seven daughter cities of Avaluriend. The city was destroyed during the Kinslayer Wars. Upon its ashes was built Van’Alis, an architectural marvel of towering spires that is universally renowned for it’s impressive beauty. In the years that followed, the city grew and expanded into what is now known as the Avenian Empire


A. smalllso formerly part of the Avenian Empire, Lothgar won its independence following the events of the Avenian Civil War. Lothgar is ruled by a powerful Autarch who is treated as a demigod. Much of the Lothgarian Empire is located in arid lands. However the fertile Kellan river delta has both sustained the empire, and made it wealthy through trade. In fact, Lothgar is one of the major producers of coffee and spices in Eriond.


A. small spirit of danger and romance has always surrounded the lands of Ishbar. There was once a time when the Ishbaran empire ruled the high seas and the Ishbaran tongue was known throughout the world. Even now tales are still told of the sumptuous desert palaces, enormous Dune Worms, exotic ports, silk-laden virgins and bloodthirsty pirates of Ishbar. The empire however has long since been divided into the hands of dozens of Sultans.


T.smallashamar is a land steeped in tradition. Following it’s liberation from the Ishbaran Empire, a faction of cleric traditionalists rose to power. These devotees of Lirnas brought back the old ways, re-instating the ancient Vampiric Theocracy, along with its dark practices. Yet while the coastal lands remain within the grip of this cult, in the plains and canyon-lands of the west a mysterious society of nomadic horse masters has recently been discovered.


V. smallalna is a land haunted by the past. Ages ago it had been the birthplace of civilization. In these lands the elves built the legendary city of Avaluriend. Here also dwelt the famed Dwarven city of Argulan. Yet these and countless other civilizations now lie in ruins amidst a land scarred by the Sundering. Today the fractured lands of Valna are ruled by great Demon Lords who vie with each other for control over the realm.


S smallince the fall of Reth the fertile lands of Tarn have been governed by the Demostocracy, an elite ruling class of Demon Lords united by a desire for world conquest. No where is the Cult of Thyrn more prominent than in the countless Demonholds that gird this vast land. Despite the ubiquitous presence of demonology, an underground resistance of Andunai worshipers still persists within these lands, though they are ceaselessly hunted as heretics.


T.smallhe lands of Rann were once a part of the Elven realm of Illuriend. Vestiges of their wondrous architecture still decorate the land. However Illuriend fell to Reven during the War of the Damned, becoming yet another province of the Ishbaran Empire. Genocron later conquered Rann during the Demonspawn Wars, yet his reign was short lived. Since the war’s end the land has been ruled by several feuding warlords who engage in piracy throughout the Logathrian Sea.


C. smallenturies of war have blackened the lands of Karthador, leaving little but thorns and ash upon it’s cragged shores. Once home to the largest human civilization upon Eriond, since the fall of Bethelador the land has become infested with demons and war mongering Hob-Goblins. Karthador is ruled by Lord Karn, a warrior of no little renown who has sworn to destroy Dwinovar. Even now his dragon warriors descend like locusts upon the cities of the east.


V. smalleskar remains one of the wildest and most dangerous realms within the civilized lands of Eriond. It’s seas are aswarm with scaled terrors, it’s hillsides are overrun with Giants, ancient dragons alight from its mountains and a terrible witch-queen lays siege upon the frozen borderlands. Yet perhaps the most deadly adversary is the extreme weather. Despite these trials, a society of sea-faring barbarians has managed to survive along the coastal regions of Veskar.


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